Who is Division 3x?

We are a Site Infrastructure Asset Manager. Or in simple terms, we are a General Contractor specializing in site infrastructure services using an Asset Management program. We are not a Property Manager but consider our staff an extension of the existing management team.

What does Division 3x do?

We perform “fence to fence” site services. We have the capability and expertise to provide all services needed for your site assets including landscaping, pavements, drainage, pavement marking’s, signage, fencing, lighting and all other maintenance or repairs needed outside the building. We utilize an asset management program that gives us the real-time data needed to closely align your desired level of service with your budget.

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is a process owners and service providers follow to better manage their assets. The process starts with an inventory (knowing what you have), regular condition assessments (knowing what condition it is in) and then using that information to develop an annual work plan designed to meet the desired level of service and still stay within your budget. The process generates valuable data that can be used to better analyze your property and find more efficient ways of lowering your life cycle costs while improving the condition of your property.

Why should I change what I have been doing?

Our turnkey services and business model will save you time and money. We provide all services for your site infrastructure assets. That’s one call – one contract to handle all your needs. Our proprietary software gives you real-time visibility into all operations on your properties and our data analytics engine generates dashboards and metrics you can use to make better decisions on how to enhance and maintain your grounds to maximize the revenue potential and value of the property. Simply put, we are offering a new innovative approach to managing your site assets at a higher level.

How do I get started?

Just call 214.295.5955 and we will send out a Site Asset Manager for an initial consultation and site visit.